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Racial Socialization and Preschoolers’ Socio-emotional Development

Project Summary

This qualitative study aims to understand the strategies that parents adopt to transit information, values and perspectives about race and ethnicity to their children in the pre-school age group (3-5 years) and the way in which these practices impacts the social emotional development of children. We address the aims using qualitative research method of one-on-one interviews with parents. Parents are recruited from the A. Sophie Rogers School of Learning.


This study has three specific aims:

Aim I: What parental ethnic-racial socialization strategies do parents use with their preschool age children?

Aim II: How do traumatic external forces (police brutality, social media, neighborhood violence) influence the messages that parents send to their children?

Aim III: How do parental socialization practices impact students’ social emotional development.


Co-Principal investigators: Susan Yoon, PhD & Scott Graves, PhD (College of Education and Human Ecology, School Psychology Program)

Partners & Collaborators: The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning, Joyce Lee, PhD (College of Social Work)

Funder: The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy

Research Products:


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