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Karla Shockley McCarthy, PhD, MSW, LSW, FSW

Uwe Wernekinck

Karla Shockley McCarthy is an experienced educator and school and financial social worker. Her work centers on the impact to child and family well-being of education and financial systems, and the well-being and resilience of parents and professionals that serve children and families. Drawing from her background in history, economics, education, and business, Karla explores the social, family, and ecological transmission of diverse factors of trauma and resilience. She is particularly interested in the promotive factors of identity, relationship, and belonging. Notably, Karla engages in participatory research to include the perspective of professionals to research. She also specializes in translating research, providing psychoeducational materials for parents, families, and teachers. Her work and service have been recognized by an Enterprise Research Grant Award, Institute on Teaching and Mentoring Scholarship, Graduate Associate Performance Award, CSW PhD Program Research Seed Grant, OSU Graduate Associate Teaching Award Nomination, and Life Paths Promising Scholar Award honorable mention.

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